Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008


.I was unaware of the fact that my language is 'magadh'.I thought it was theth maithali and saw as sin for me for not speaking proper maithili but now i am feeling proud that i have my own language and can speak it i should not see down in front of maithili speakers for not having proper maithli tone.
This is an example of so called samantabad that we non-brahmins were compelled to speak maithili even having our own language.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is the national anthem of nepal.written by Byakul maila and music composed by Amber Gurung.

Friday, December 21, 2007


The government established by the 19-days jana-andolan implemented the constitution of Nepal but the madhesis , as always got the thumbs down.The april movement took 21 lives and lasted for 19 days and history was created in Nepal. but the Terai is still burning.The democractic leaders have been sratching their heads in desperation to give the movement a different name .Sometimes indian influence while sometimes regressive infiltration and the leaders have won half the battle by playing on the sentiments of war-weary Nepalis who don't want to even imagine another maoist likeinsurgency taking root anywhere in country.It was smart on the part of the leaders to mask the whole incidence as infiltration.but it looks more than just what the ruling leaders retreat it to be.
Madhesis have been neglected since ages.We have always been considered the "Black-sheep" in our own must be noted that 23% of the total land that belongs to Nepal falls under the stretch of Madhesh,56% of cultivated land lies in this region and 48.9% of the nation's total population lives across the arid plains.Madhesh has also been called the "bread bucket" of the country accounting for roughly 60% of the total agricultural produce.It also contributes to about 65% Nepal's gross domestic product (GDP) and earns a significant amount of revenue for the government despite such significance,Madhesh and Madhesis always lag behind when it comes to government facilities and opportunities.Madhesis have been living with an identity crisis due to their dark skin and for speaking in a mixed accent.
Though madeshis have been contributing in the social,political and econimical sectors of nepal with equal sincerity and devotion as people from other regions,they are treated like second class citizens.People living in madesh have never got anything beyond lip service and state discrimination.The state has been deliberately excluding us from opportunities even when the leaders representing the 8 political parties kmow we have also contributed equally to movements against fedual systems throught history.The state is pushing us to dark corners.Our limitations have been set as per he wishes and preferences of the ruling party.
The madesh aandolan is burning example of the existing disparity and discrimination based on colour and creed in the nepali society.Madeshis havealways been considered as second class citizens or nepalis pf indian origin.Such astate of thimgs can challonge the self respect of any sensitive person and though late,the madesh unrest can be taken as the search for identity.madeshis have long been kept under shady state politics.So,they knew less about their basic rights but it is different now.We have known about our share in the state facilities and opportumities and nobody from the region wants to let this perfect tine slip fron their hands.Its quest for freedom।
voilent demonstrations yield historic results or that the state only understands the language of destruction.It was in this way that the maoists got into the parliament.Now,its madeshis are using this tested method to ensure their inherit rights.They don't have any choices left.they have been pressured to resort to voilence and it's regrettable that state has no respect forpeaceful solutions.People living in madesh have reached such a situation where they justcan't turn back to start all over again.It's a political opportunity and they simply can't afford to lose it.They are ready either to do it od die.contd...........

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I am a madeshi student from a terai district situated about a day tour from the capital.I am studying in one of the prestigious +2 college of the valley. I am quit interested in politics but i donot want to be a politician in future. I just want to remain as a dutiful and civilized citizen of the country and contribute in the social as well as political development of the country. I am not so experienced in politics but as i grew in a political environment ,i think myself as a youngchild in politics.My father is one of the renowned politician and social worker not only of my village, but of whole district.Since my childhood, i got experience of different idea about the policies and thoughts of different parties.As i m from madesh so it is my duty to raise voice of my birthplace,the madesh i.e.terai in the way i can.....

Friday, December 7, 2007


The main cause for the madesh unrest due to its own fault.It is treating madeshis as black sheep in their own motherland but now the situation is different and the madeshis have woken up and demanding their rights either peacefully or by weapons which they have learnt from maoists.


The main causes for the madesh unrest is the existing ruling government,which is treating as black sheep to the madeshis.Now the madeshis have woken up and are demanding their rights.